Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simple little things...

The other night I was talking with my friend Rachel about HOW much we spend on groceries and HOW much we hate spending it!! She and I both (and probably most people) would rather have that money to go do something FUN! We all have our little things that we do to save a little bit here and there... some are CRAZY over the top like diving through dumpsters, and others well... some of us just....

**I always keep an empty bottle of windex around... I buy a new bottle and pour half in the other bottle and add water. So now I have 2 full bottles of windex and its not as strong of an odor when you use it but it cleans JUST as well.**

**I don't buy shaving cream... I buy conditioner. Conditioner is SUPER cheap and lasts forever. Most people just use a TAD bit of conditioner on their hair anyway and if you think about what conditioner does to your HEAD, imagine what it would do to the hairs on your legs. Make them softer, smoother, silkier. It's awesome..and it saves a few bucks a month!**

**I buy lotion and vaseline at the dollar store. I put them on together. So it makes my skin softer and smoother (I have excema so thats why i'm all about skin stuff), and it's 2 bucks for 2 things and the combination is AWESOME and cheaper than buying the Eucerin lotion by about 8 bucks**

I can't save the world a dollar at a time... but I can try :) What do YOU do to save money? and TELL ME !:)

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