Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines Day

Just being honest... we aren't big "V-Day" people at our house. I always get my daughter something small just so that she doesn't think I forgot, but as far as me and my husband... not so much. I've been married 9 years out of my life already and I can't think of a good Valentines Day yet. And then before THAT of course it was high school drama and I just never liked the holiday.

BUT... doesn't really matter if I personally celebrate it or not, this is a HUGE holiday to many and a very large money maker! It's also a time to completely BLOW your budget.

SO... how are you going to celebrate this magnificent holiday with your lovely significant other without breaking the bank? HOPEFULLY you already planned this out but just in case....

**Write each other love letters
**Google old poetry and find one thats perfect, and re-write it for your lover
**Watch HIS favorite movie with him (that you already own, of course)
**Send him a text during the day with a promising suprise waiting at home. The suprise can be YOU... doesn't have to cost a dime.
**make a cd using the songs you downloaded from limewire long before they got rid of it :)
**Tell your spouse that you love them, cook supper TOGETHER, watch a movie TOGETHER, and just enjoy being TOGETHER

I'm sure have other ideas that will work as well. I have some REALLY good ones, but this blog is meant to help people stay on their budgets, not to improve their love lives. :)

I sincerely hope that you have a marvelous Valentines Day and that you get to spend it with the one you love.

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