Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February free month progress

Today is February 8th which means we are 8 days into our "Free Month". I set aside this month to be free because I knew it would be cold, dreary and not a lot going on. So far, so good.

Even though its been FREE, thats not to say we haven't had a good 8 days! We have... used free vouchers at Oaklawn, played video games at a friends house one night, caught up on DVR, CLEANED like mad people,  had a Phase Ten game night, walked around the flea market and JUST looked, and enjoyed some good ol' duck gumbo with our hunting pals! It's been good... I had forgotten that I haven't swiped my debit card in quite some time til I got online to check my banking and realized that NOTHING new was there or pending :) It was kind of a nice feeling.

We aren't making any extra money by doing this, but we sure aren't spending any. It's nice to know that when I wrote out my checks, mailed them off, there was money left that I wasn't going to spend. I can't do this EVERY single month, but a few times a year I can handle. There are so many fun things to do in Hot Springs, so much that a couple can do together that doesn't require money. It's been nice to remember that... I have had my boring moments. (Jere can testify to that). Sometimes you just want to leave your house! But when you do you have to have a plan. If you don't, you will stop by the mall, run to Sonic, rent a movie and before long you realize that your "boredom"cost you $35 bucks!

It's been fun. I encourage you try it. THanks for following us on our journey through frugality!

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Meghan said...

ok this isn't free but it's a bargain... a list of 75 uses for baking soda. It's amazing and soooooo cheap! http://lifehackery.com/2008/07/22/home-4/

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