Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shopping out of season

Probably one of the BIGGEST lessons I have learned is shopping out of season. Doing that for your kids is not a good thing... trust me. You will have piles of stuff for the yard sale or consignment shop. But for YOU...this is PERFECT! Chances are your size will not change.

Hit up after summer sales and get a whole new wardrobe for next year. Buy swimsuits in January. This is the only way I have the amount of clothes I have. I can buy 8 shirts at Sears for summer, but I buy them in February, and spend a whopping $26.00. (I did this last week. I'm still on a high from it.)

You HAVE to be smart. You have to know that things WILL go on sale...and you must be ready for them. Save a little bit each month to hit up those after season sales. And when you do... TELL me about it :) I want to hear!


Puanani503 said...

that's what I need to be doing..Great post!

Jere and Cara said...

Thanks girl! :) It is the only way I survive. I just WISH I could do that for my 5 year old but unfortunately you just NEVER know with kids how fast they will grow!

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