Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Learning the hard way

I learn EVERYthing the hard way. I have great intentions. I wake up refreshed and am ready to start the day and find new ways to save! Doesn't sound like a problem... but it sure can be.

When it comes to saving money and learning to cut back it can become overwhelming. I know it is for me! You can't do it all. You can't be the coupon queen, you can't drive all over town looking for the best deal. SO... you have to decide what is important to you! If coupons is your thing, then go attack it. If finding freebies is your thing then DO it! But trying to do them all takes TIME! Its hard to do it all.

The 3 things I focus on are:

#1-making a budget and sticking to it
#2-planning out my meals, lists, and sticking to it
#3-NOT overspending on clothes for me or Ava

Those are the three things I have chosen to stick to it. There are so many ways to save, so many sites you can join to help you out (some free, some rather costly) but overall it comes down to what do YOU want to see done. I have learned that we can plan out our meals and grocery lists and save around $200 bucks a month at the grocery store. I use my kroger card and upload coupons to it on an almost every day basis. I have learned that having a budget and paying bills on a SET date every month keeps me from ever being short and ever being behind.

What are your three things?

I try to post coupons and discounts that I hear of, but there are PLENTY of sites that do that. I enjoy sharing these things but I want to help people focus on the daily, small things they can do. Such as budgeting, meal planning, etc.

I welcome your feedback, opinions, and tips!: ) Thanks for reading!

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