Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old Navy, Sears AND your local consignment shop!

I was VERY excited when I realized that Old Navy and Sears are having HUGE sales. IT's funny... b/c they don't really advertise that very much! They rarely let you become aware of how CHEAP things are.

On a whim I ran into Old Navy when I was waiting for my sister and dad to show up for our lunch date. Rows and ROWS of winter AND summer clothes on sale for men, women and children. I didn't buy anything for me.. man I wanted to!~ But I did get some things for my daughter. 3/4 length shirts that are perfect for this time of year are marked down to $3.00 in the childrens section.

Sears had racks and racks of winter pea coats, nice thick furry vests, jeans, pants, summer tank tops, winter sweaters, belts, and more!

I don't know what your local store has but i'm telling you... this is THE time to be shopping for summer! Stores have stock rooms full of last years clothes and they have to get rid of them. Also a GREAT time to be looking ahead at winter.

your local consignment shop... this is the time when people "Spring Clean." And since most shops(the good ones anyway) only take clothes that are in season or are about to be in season you can find a nice selection of spring and summer clothes RIGHT NOW!

So quit reading, and go save a buck or two :)

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