Wednesday, January 5, 2011

pen and paper

Sometimes we all need refreshers... well, I need one too! Around the holidays its so easy to run in and grab this, and oh wait that too... and it DOES add up. So I decided that I was putting myself on a financial diet as well as a food diet. I have been writing down everything that i'm eating...and I wanted to do the same thing with spending. I never feel like it ads up, but it does. So... I learned some things about myself. I get "debit card" happy around the holidays and then it becomes habit. I can't not have my debit card. I already don't own a credit card so thats the only way I can book flights, book hotels, etc. Getting rid of the debit card is not going to happen but my eyes were opened when I saw how many times I have 'Swiped' in the past 45 days. Its insane. Now they weren't big things, but they dang sure weren't all necessities.

Its a new year. Time to get back to the basics. time to get back to the simple steps of budgeting, keeping up with what you spend, using cash and PLANNING AHEAD! I have been doing so good at saving... and I would LOVE to reward myself. But that reward will come when its time... it will come when I need a new tire, or a new battery, or Ava needs something specific... and I won't be broke.

Make out a plan. And I am NOT a planner but when it comes to finances, well sometimes you have to be willing to change. I have watched my savings grow, I have slept better, and I just feel better. So its a new year. Try it. and PLEASE let me know about your success stories.

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