Monday, December 27, 2010

The cost of food

Nearly breaks most peoples bank. When I ask people what their biggest expense is, it generally comes back to FOOD. I don't know if thats going out to eat, or if that comes down to just simply the cost of food which is kinda ridiculous if you ask me.

So.. I have a few tips. Not a ton, but a few. Don't buy all your groceries at the same place. careful not to do the running around town thing. If you are spending in gas what you save at the store its NOT worth it unless of course your company pays for your gas. Then gas away! You KNOW that meat is going to be cheaper at Kroger and fresher... so make your meat list for Kroger. Make your canned vegetable list and dry food lists for the other stores.

ARe you limiting yourself on grocery stores? Does your town have some random off brand stores? I know Hot Springs has Save-a-Lot which is an AWESOME place to buy off brand cake mixes, chips, off brand cokes(the brand names will crack you up so its worth it just for that). Canned vegetables are like 33 cents a can vs. .69 at walmart. Worth the trip? If you need more than 5 cans it sure is. Milk is cheaper there, butter is cheaper there and lunch meat. So... if those are items you use a lot, then save money and shop there! Don't be afraid to branch outside of Walmart and Kroger.

Coupons...we have talked about this before. Not ALWAYS a good idea...but if the coupon beats the off brand price then its worth it.

Also... go to You can buy some AWESOME deals that way. These boxed sets of food are supposed to feed a family of 4 for a week. Its worth a shot... if it works then WOWZERS! You have fed a family of 4 for $41 bucks a week. If it doesn't...then you add another package, or you cut your grocery bill down to a minimum AND buy the as well.

Just some ideas. I hope they help!

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