Monday, December 27, 2010

Never forget the little things

I am not a financial wizard. I wish I were... but I have lived through financial hardships, financial GOOD times, and learned a bit along the way. One thing I commonly hear people say is "I don't have any money left over to save." Well, thats because you are doing it wrong. How many times have you been told to save FIRST? Well... I realize that is easier said than done. So... let me break it down for you and make it make more sense. I had to do this to myself too, so don't feel like somethings wrong with you because you DON'T get it yet.

Do you smoke? Well, quit. And take that $4.85 every other day, or every day or however much you smoke and every time you WOULD have bought cigarettes, go withdraw that much from checking and place it in an envelope. At the end of just ONE month you will be suprised how much is in there.

Do you go to Starbucks of a morning? Yea... you need to quit that too. Put that $5.00 in that same envelope or open a savings account.

Do you go to the movies waayyy too much? Bring it down a notch... Go one time less than you would have gone in a month. That will save on movie tickets, popcorn and cokes. Thats $20 more bucks to stash away.

Do you ALWAYS buy CD's when they come out? Hey, I love my music... BUT...what if you wait a day or two after the cd is released and hit up your local FYE or movie store and buy the used version? You know its not very used b/c all they did was buy it and burn it. You can save big $$$ if you do that.

You will have your list of other ways to save. My point is you CAN save... you may just have to save along the way. Every little bit helps. If you are only putting back $30 bucks a month it will add up. That is $360 dollars a year... not too shabby.


diana said...

That's so true about the CDs and FYE. Now, what do I do about hte fact that my kids want to eat all the time. Food costs so much.

Jere and Cara said...

You have inspired a new blog... i'm on it!

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