Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year...

Because EVERYTHING IS CHEAPER! :) I have talked before about THIS being the time of year that you go otu and buy gifts for NEXT year. HOPEFULLY you have been saving your money. :)

Go buy wrapping paper, gift sacks, tape, and bows for NEXT year. Don't over do it...thats the hard part. You don't need a ton more ornaments, you don't need a ton of crap to set out...but you WILL need more paper.

JCPenney's is THE place to be over the next week. Forget if its Christmassy or not...if it is something that can be worn in the winter time, its gonna be on sale. And not just 20% off...but MAJORLY discounted.
And more than anything the men's clothes will be hugely discounted. Not quite sure why, but i'm just telling you they will be.

Also...are you one of those families that does pj pants on Christmas Eve? (I now know of 4 families that do that and I think its the cutest idea ever.) Anyway if you are... Old Navy, Rue 21, Sears AND Belk will have their pj pants on sale.

There are TONS more good ideas of places to go. I haven't looked at any ads from the paper this week to see of any new but the ones I listed are always on my "To do" list after Christ

so go...find some bargains and get ready for a Happy New year of money saving tips! :)

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