Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Movies! Wow! HOW expensive can it get? Now almost everything comes in 3D and theatres can charge up to $5.00 bucks additional on EACH ticket to wear glasses when you would have seen the movie even if it WASNT in 3D...its SUCH a messed up ordeal.

So now going to the movies can be a $40.00 date, or a $60.00 family outing. Its QUITE ridiculous if you ask me. So... I started looking online for ways to save money on movie tickets. Of course matinees save you money, Tuesday is "stimulus tuesday" at Carmike's so popcorn and cokes are only $1.00. Of course thats a SMALL, but still. I went to fandango.com to see if they showed anything... and guess what?! They DID!

Go to fandango.com. Click on tickets, and you will see a tab that says "get free tickets". you have to sign up for one thing or another. I signed up for a free 7 day trial to keep an eye on my credit. You can sign up for recipes over email. Whatever...they don't COST anything, but when you do that and follow the process all the way through you recieve a free ticket code and it WORKS! So... do that once a month? once a week? once a day...you still get a free ticket.

So take your hubs out for a movie on YOU, he doesn't have to know that his ticket was free :)

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diana said...

it makes me crazy how expensive movies are. I love the tuesday night deal That helps

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