Sunday, December 26, 2010

A year in pictures...

I love pictures. I love getting family pics, I love talking selfies of Jere and I in the car, I love taking pics of Ava making crafts or just plain ol' looking adoreable. I also LOVE to get pictures taken. I love the planned outfits when the whole family is "matchy matchy". I love those black and white photos where everyone looks so poised and perfect... But i got to thinking...WHAT in the world did I spend on pictures this year??

we had professional pictures done, I bought 2 sets of Ava's school pictures, I took over 7600 pictures in 2010 according to "MY PHOTOS" on my computer. We had Christmas card pictures taken. I blew up some pictures to fit frames for the wall. I made photo books of Ava's year, of our wedding, and several for gifts.

so...what in the world did I spend on pictures this year?! Do you REALLLLLY wanna know....?? I have 3 albums full, sent out 30 Christmas cards, made photo books for Christmas, for birthday gifts, .... I spend $198.25 on pictures THUS FAR in 2010. HECK of a deal!!!!!

Go to Create an account. upload all of your photos to them. You will recieve a coupon every week. Sometimes you get 50 pics for $5.00. Sometimes you get $5.00 off any order. Doesn't matter b/c they are ALWAYS good coupons. So only order photos when you get those. They come on Sundays so get ready for them.

Befriend on facebook photographers. Local, starting out photographers. They constantly post contests. GET INVOLVED in those! you just may win. We won, and it was the perfect gift! :)

When it comes to school many do you REALLLY need? Make out a list of who will be recieving a copy of this picture. Nobody wants extra ones laying around the house...that seems so wasteful. So make a list and buy the package that is CLOSEST to the number that you need. Don't get stuck with 11x14's that you KNOW you will never put up. Thats kinda silly...:)

So...if you are camera happy and love some pictures then you need to set out a plan. How many pictures are you going to take per month? how many of those will you buy?! Keep your albums up to date and you won't be likely to OVER buy pictures. Consider pictures for gifts. Every grandparent or aunt wants a picture of that sweet little kiddo. It's affordable and personable.

Hope that helps. Send me your tips! Click on an ad before you go! thanks!

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