Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodwill, good bargains!

Have you been to your local goodwill? Yeah, I didn't think so. You are not too sure about the location of town, or the funny smell that they ALL have. Well, I am going to encourage you to go NOW! I know it seems silly but if you only knew the bargains I have gotten there you would have left 20 minutes ago!!

My friend Rachel is ALSO a fellow Goodwill lover. She has gotten some of the cutest things at the Goodwill. Clothes, home stuff, plates, antiques. AWESOME stuff!

You have to think about it this way... the people that drop off stuff at Goodwill tend to have really good stuff. They are people that don't have the time to go through everything, don't want to have a yardsale, they don't want to take the time to take their nice items to a consignment shop. They don't need the extra money so they drop it off. And that is why WE go by there :)

I have gotten name brand clothes WITH tags on it, cute home decor items, SCENE IT dvd game for $2.00 bucks. A light brite for Ava with ALL of the pieces and it was the updated version for only $3.00. I have bought brand new coloring books for a quarter, plates that I bought for 50 cents that I was going to use to decopauge anyway!  I bought Ava a brand new bike for Christmas for $15.00!! it was a disney princess bike that was in PERFECT shape.

So why wouldn't you go by? It's worth the digging I promise. The treasures you find for next to nothing make your day!!!

Make it a game. Go by with a limit of $10 bucks and see what you can find!!! you will be SO glad that you did!

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