Friday, January 7, 2011

Accessorizing on a budget

This one can be tricky... but a whole lotta fun :)

In Hot Springs we have "Charmed". It's an awesome jewelry store where everything is $1.00. Well the jewelry is a buck...the purses are more. Anyway, $1.00 for jewelry and there is a TON to chose from! So i can go in there and spend 6 dollars and get 3 new pairs of earrings. A new braclet and 2 necklaces. Its just awesome! Sure its cheap stuff...but I also have so much fun jewelry to chose from every day because its cheap enough that I can buy a lot.

Here's what YOU have to decide and I won't knock you either way. BUT... you have to decide if you want to be the lady with a TON of fun, funky-chunky jewelry... or the lady with the pandora bracelet. Pandora is nice, and a cool rendition to the old charm bracelet. But its also an investment. So either way you have to figure out how to accessorize... but you ALSO have to figure out what YOU want.

I know that I ALWAYS want to be the girl with the fun jewelry. That has big earrings, cool necklaces, and fun bracelets. Thats just me.

figure out what you want to do and BUDGET for it!

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