Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ok so I recently almost fell into this trap.I recieved a letter from Glamour magazine saying that I could get 2 years subscription for $15 bucks PLUS a free bag! WOW! WHat a deal... almost.

I was at the library the other day which by the way is my FAVORITE place to be... and realized that they have EVERY single magazine there. You can sit and read them while your kids play, or just go on a lazy rainy day by yourself. No you can't take it home but how many times do we get magazines and read the once, then chunk them. So... why not save that $15 bucks and just read them at the library? Not only that... they have way more than glamour. They have EVERY magazine thats EVER put out.

Ya know what I did? I transfered $15 bucks into savings since I was kinda planning on spending it anyway. No, 15 bucks isn't a LOT to put in savings, but its something.

Save your money and hit up the library. OR read it online. Most of the articles can be viewed without paying AND a lot of the articles can be found by simply googling. Every website and magazine uses the same material anyway.

Just another tip from the bargain hunting mommy.

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