Sunday, January 16, 2011

My cheap craft :)

I love crafting. It's so fun but it can get expensive. I bought these plates at the dollar store, scrap book paper was on sale for .29 cents a piece at Michaels, and the mod podge I bought a few months ago. I had a coupon for 50% off one item. The bigger bottle was more expensive even with the coupon but it will last 3 times as long. So it was a much better deal!!!!

I am not a very good scrapbooker. It takes too long and frankly i'd rather have my photos in an album without all the cute-sy stuff around it. It looks good, but I grew up in the family that just did photo albums so thats my preference. :)

Here is what I made...



Cut up the paper into whatever shapes or use different designs then use mod podge to put them on the plate.

Then pick a picture that you want in the middle. And mod podge that too it as well!!!

Total spent:
.19 cent picture from Walgreens
1.00 plate from Dollar Tree
2 .29 cent pieces of paper


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