Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh-the cheapo things I do!

I like to say things like "I live frugally", or "I am a penny pincher" but some days I am just down right cheap! A lot of the things I do are to save money, and a LOT of the things I do are to keep me from having to go back to the grocery store! I hate that place.

I reuse my ziplock bags. If I put half an apple in it because I didn't want the whole thing...and I eat the other half the next day, I rinse it out, turn it inside out to dry and stick it back in the drawer.

I typically reuse aluminum foil. Again, its not that it is expensive its just one of those stupid necessitise that I hate to waste money on.

I save leftover pickle jars, spaghetti sauce jars, etc to use for crafting projects. I can decopauge them or let Ava do it and its a fun craft that I may end up chunking, but it was a fun bonding experience.

We buy a HUGE Folgers plastic tub thing for coffe. (Thats the ONE thing I can't convience Jere to get the off-brand)... anyway, I save those. One of them I keep for putting cookies in on the rare occasions that I cook. Or its still a good way to store any kind of goody or candy and it seals tight so they stay fresh. I saved one to put nuts and bolts, screws, hammer, etc in. Came in handy and I didn't have to go buy some clear plastic thing for $4 bucks. Saved me another trip to walmart.

 I don't buy plastic containers to store leftovers. instead I save my butter tubs, my sour cream tubs, yogurt or whatever. They work just as well and save me money. And its kinda like a "go green" thing to do since I am not buying additional plastic.

I buy a pack(usually there is 4 or 5 in it) at the dollar store. I save old Christmas cards that people gave me that had cool pics on it, cut those out, and Mod Podge it to the front. Or old birthday cards. The bags cost me a buck, the cards cost me nothing, and the bag REALLY does look cool.

Random things that I do. But hey, I save a buck here and there and more than anything I have fun doing it.

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