Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Did you see that show on TLC last week? Pretty sure it either comes on again tonight or tomorrow night. Anyways...this show is insane. People were going in buying $1400 worth of groceries and spending $75 out of pocket! WHOA! Let me jump on that board... kinda sorta.

These people were no doubt getting a STEAL...but they were not buying reasonable-sensible items. They were buying 75 toothbrushes, and 46 bottles of deodarant. Isn't that a bit... I dunno, excessive? I expect to see these people on HOARDERS in a few years. Yes they were getting bargains...or were they?!?

If you don't need the item, even if its free or cheap it is NOT a deal. How many times do I have to say this? Geesh people. Having a "stock pile" in your garage of more toilet paper than the Holiday Inn has is NOT a bargain. It is like a disease. Not one of these people that were followed went into a store, bought items to make healthy meals, paid nothing for them and left. NOPE! They bought random household items that you do not need to have on backup.

Point of all this... if its an item your family uses, and will CONTINUE to use and you can get an awesome bargain on it? Then GET IT! But do not buy 100 items of something that you now have you go rent a storage building for, have insurance on it and think you are getting a deal. That does not make sense.

COUPON RULE? Never forget this... if the off brand is STILL cheaper than the regular brand with a the cheaper one!

Thanks for reading and please click on an ad before you go. It helps me buy groceries since I have to PAY for mine. :)

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