Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chunk it!

Ok so this bugs me... when people keep EVERYTHING! Now I TOTALLY get not throwing away a birth certificate, or PROOF of car insurance but does anyone ever really need to keep their water bill from 3 years ago? Probably not necessary. Ok I know its not necessary. so why do it?

I understand having a filing system. And actually its very appropriate to keep up with bills for a certain amount of time. But come on you pack rats... it is just simply not necessary and it makes you a candidate for hoarders. SO... after I have offended you I will say i'm sorry, and now I will offer other options.

If you switch to paperless billing then you can keep your bills for YEARS because they can be saved under a tab in your email called "BILLS". Then no one has to see them or rearrange the closet for you. TADA. simple.

Okay I being sarcastic and I have some readers that hate sarcasm so I apologize. :) Sincerely. is irritating. You need to do everything paperless and keep everything for years safe in your email. Or you need to have a BETTER system. You do not need a file that says "Water bill", or "Electricity bill"... you need a file that says JANUARY 11. FEBRUARY 11. That way if there is ever a bill in question, you go back to that MONTH not going through a file of 47 electric bills.

I stick with my theory of keeping that stuff is ridiculous. The bank can always pull up proof you paid, you have a check registry and online banking allows YOU to print out your own checks. So on top of saving money, I also like saving headaches and space. I have a small house... I don't want bills from 1997 standing in my living room.

CHUNK IT! don't keep unessential items. And bills are not an essential item.

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