Monday, January 17, 2011

Way to go Kroger!

Okay I am pumped about this!! Kroger has now gotten super awesome. Instead of downloading software to your computer so you can print coupons you can NOW sign up at and register your kroger card to have coupons instantly added TO YOUR CARD! How cool is that??

You can pick the coupons you want to be sent to your card. So if you pick a $3.00 off Charmin coupon (which I personally was PUMPED about) it is automatically on your card. So if I go to kroger tonight and buy the toilet paper they scan my card and the coupon takes off the $3.00!

WAHOOO! :) No more printing and organizing trying to keep up with coupons and experation dates, etc... how nice? Kroger has saved me money AND simplified my life!

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