Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wish list

With all the time we spend saving money, pinching pennies, and refraining from window shopping at the mall, I think we deserve something to look forward to! It's just like a reward for hard work! Saving money IS hard work and I never would have guessed it. It takes time, patience, energy, and planning...and with busy schedules with our families that is yet another sacrifice. So what if we had something look forward to? My husband thinks that you should have a trip or something to look forward to in regard to life in general. It makes those cold winter months more bareable when you know at the end of that season you have a fun weekend get away to somewhere awesome planned :)

WE DESERVE THAT TOO, bargain hunting mommys!!!

Let's come up with a Wish List. What are some things you need? want? Need to plan for? Look forward to purchasing? Anything?

My wish list goes like this:

*New undies. I just love buying these and after I finally mustered up the courage to throw out the ones that were falling apart i'm allowed to replinish...a FEW!

*Black boots. Those are a staple for me and I need to have them on my radar sometime between now and October. That allows me to look out for the BEST deals because I don't need them right away.

*Black heels. I love love LOVE the ones I have, but they are getting old and that's yet another staple item in my wardrobe. Time to start searching for deals!

*A sensible purse. One thing I have eliminated in my life is BIG purses. I love them. I love the way they look with outfits. So stylish. :) But they are a stresser for me. I can't ever find my keys, wallet, etc and I am trying to eliminate things in my life that make me crazy. SO.. I have opted for smaller purses and have picked up a few at garage sales here and there, but I need to get a basic color, smaller purse that won't swallow my keys.

So, what about you? What is on your Wish List?

It's nice to have goals on saving money and on planning better for your financial future but its ALSO nice to have something to look forward to.

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