Sunday, May 8, 2011

can we make up our own rules??

I hope that everyone got the chance to check out my guest blogger :) She did SUCH a great job!!! Frugirl talked about a shopping ban...and how ironic b/c I JUST today finished reading Dave Bruno's book "100 thing challenge". If you haven't read the post about that book click HERE to catch up.

Not only have I read a book about living on less and the American-consumerism world that we live in, but THEN my guest blogger writes about a shopping ban which of COURSE got me thinking...

I realized that without even meaning to I have been on a "shopping ban" for a few months already. i have bought myself NOTHING except necessary items with the exception of items I bought my daughter. (And those were needed...mostly. I guess the extra dinosaurs from walmart weren't a need, but she had been good. :) ) 

If we chose to live on less or go on a shopping ban can we make up our own rules? The answer is: YES! OF COURSE YOU CAN!

Make up rules that you will live by. It's kinda like losing weight... you can't have an unrealistic goal that you know you will never meet. Most people TRY to make realistic goals and make them small so they can achieve them. You don't start out running 5 miles a day, you start out small... so if you are considering living on less and spending less... START SMALL!

A few weeks ago I bought myself some nail polish. It was on sale and I had a coupon so it was the right time to stock up. Other than that I really haven't gotten myself anything special just for ME... and that is ok.

I haven't decided exactly what MY rules will be... but i've decided that i don't have follow someone elses plan for me. I can do what works for ME.

As soon as I get my "list" all together i'll be sure and share. What about you? What are your thoughts on living on less?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much again for having me guest post! :)

I totally agree with making up your own rules. It has to be something that works for you and your lifestyle.

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