Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tackle a Task Tuesday-May 10th

TACKLE A TASK TODAY :) Or at LEAST make a list of tasks to tackle.

Last week my task was to clean out my cabinets in the kitchen. I didn't take pictures because there was nothing miraculous to see. BUT... I DID dump out a  lot of stuff. Pots and pans that are old and need to go-GONE, 500 plastic cups from Subway, BK, etc-GONE. And I organized them. But again, if I had taken a picture it would have made me look like I didn't do much. But I REALLY did. Promise!

This weeks is.... DUM DUM DUM.....


I've been putting it off... and its just simply time. PART of the reason it kept getting put off is because I had to get my HOUSE clean first. WHY you ask? Because it goes like this... I clean out a closet and make a big pile of stuff to take to storage. Then I clean out cabinets and find yard sale items that need to go to storage. THEN I find leftover Christmas dishes in the cabinet that never made it BACK to storage... so that's why.

This will be a project 3 parter.... I'm going to post pics of the before... WOWZERS. During the job and then of course the AFTER pics. But I am going to post them all at once. That ok?

STAY TUNED for pics. Coming VERY, VERY soon.

What about you? Have you figured out your task for the week?

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