Monday, May 9, 2011

Just say NO to window shopping

Temptation island... is window shopping!

I don't remember WHEN exactly but a few years back there was a show called "Temptation Island." I only remember seeing the previews but I figured it was raunchy and I didn't watch it. But I made up a tune to the words "Temptation Island" and everytime I would go shopping I would sing that song to myself... and even a few friends. :) They always knew how tempting shopping was for me.

Flash forward, I dunno, 4 years maybe, and things are different as you well know. I rarely shop unless it's with a purpose and I have coupons.

Today I went into the mall for a split second to get my free Heavenly scent from Victoria's Secret. Needless to say they have gotten chincy. (is that how you spell it...dunno) This is the tiniest bottle ever. Oh well. I'll smell good for one day. Then I decided I'd just WALK around the mall.

I did call my sponsor though-my husband. :)

It was only fair that he know where I was. Afterall I'm the one thats so gung-ho let's live like broke folks around here so he HAD to know what I was doing. He just laughed. I was in VS and I need a new bra. Ya know that every day kinda bra that is perfect to wear under EVERYTHING? Yep, that's what I need but I didn't do it. Instead I walked up and down the mall... and only found, oh i'm guessing around 500 bucks worth of stuff I can't live with out!!! Needless to say I only left with one thing in hand--and thats a legitimite wedding gift. PROMISE!

I knew I wasn't going to spend a dime. I knew that I wasn't going to let myself buy anything--but I couldn't resist trying on a shirt that ended up being way too big, and looking at a purse on my shoulder in the mirror for about 20 minutes. WHY WHY WHY?!?!!?

It was TEMPTATION ISLAND for me... walking around the mall. Just looking at all the pretty shoes, and the cute shirts, and all the fun sunglasses. But I was good. I learned my lesson though... I am NOT allowed to walk through the mall and "Just look."

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