Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WHAT a meal Wednesdays-May 4th

I'm not too happy with the Kroger paper. I know that those who stock up MAJORLY on food are pumped but I don't like these "Buy 10 and save 5" programs. Anyway--the only thing in the KROGER paper that I was like "YES--gotta get that" is their deal on eggs and BBQ sauce.

Eggs are on sale super cheap(dozen)
and the BBQ sauce is on sale for .99 cents. But I cut out the coupon from 5/1 to save .45 cents so this is a good time to get an extra. I eat bbq sauce a LOT. And my husband is weird and puts it on his black eyed peas. I know, random.

So I won't be spending a ton at the grocery this week but I DO have some awesome meals planned.

I have the next 2 weeks of meals planned. GO ME! What about you? How you been doing on planning ahead?

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