Monday, May 9, 2011

Money Mondays-May 9th

I HOPE all of you had a fabulous Mother's day! My daughter and husband treated me like royalty :) I don't deserve them....

So its Money Monday's again. :)

It seems like money saving tips are everywhere! Couponing has gone NUTS... it's EVERYWHERE! Have you noticed that? The grocery stores have--that is why they have CUT BACK on their policies. VERY frustrating. So are you here because you are just wanting to keep up with the latest trends or are you REALLY wanting to save money? Hey-I want ALL types of readers because frankly, I am both of those. Sometimes I feel like I am just going along because someone introduced me to coupons, I wanted to save some money and then I got super into it! So I DO wonder.. "Am I in it for the long haul?" I may not be a crazy coupon lady forever but I am DEFINITLY in the money saving business :)

Take a look at this article that popped up on yahoo today. And then this one.

Saving money is all over the place. IT's EVERYWHERE! WE all need to save a few and learn how to SAVE in general. I just find it interesting that it literally is EVERYWHERE these days.

So , I guess all I have to say for Money Monday's is this... how do YOU plan to protect your money and put it in savings?? Shop with coupons, spend less, live in a tent, grow your own food? How do YOU plan to protect YOUR hard earned money?

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