Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tackle a task Tuesday-May 3rd

I'm a SLACKER!!! I started my project last week (cabinets in the kitchen) and I got side tracked. We had some REALLY bad weather here in Arkansas and I spent two nights preparing for a tornado to hit.


I beat myself up for getting off track....and this week is out for a project to because I have SOOOO much work to catch up on and presentations to do.. i'm EXHAUSTED!

Okay so when we get off track it's hard to get back on, huh? We need motivation!

So what I have told myself is this... after this week I am going to get back on track!!! And once I have completed 3 more weekly tasks then I can buy myself a new phone :) It's DEFINITLY time for one and it gives me some kind of motivation!!!

Because of the delay my upcoming projects look like this:

Week #2- Kitchen cabinets
Week #3- Storage building
Week #4- MY CLOSET!!!!! :)

What tasks do you want to get accomplished? The goal is to complete an organizing task a week but let's face it, sometimes we get off track. The important thing is getting back ON track!


Marlee said...

Lately my task has been to go see my brother, since my niece was born in January and I haven't been up to see him yet! It's an 8 hour drive down and back, and I have $162 for the whole trip. Might be crazy, but my niece is so worth it!!

Jere and Cara said...

Oh how fun! Neices and nephews are great. I have 8 of them!! enjoy your trip!

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