Friday, May 13, 2011

Mailbox and More

Forgive me... i have slacked this week... This week has been INSANE!

Okay--let's do a quick wrap up before the weekend begins!

#1--Think inside the book thursdays!

**i opened my coupon book yesterday and had TONS of coupons that had expired. GET RID OF THOSE! Not gonna do us any good to have an awesome book full of coupons we CANNOT use.

#2--Frugal Fridays! Do something fun outdoors this weekend. nature walk, go to the park, library (I am ALWAYS a fan), read books to your kids, redeem your redbox free codes, make water balloons, ... do something fun, memorable and FREE!

My mailbox:

GREAT week of freebies in the mail!!! did you get yours?

I hope everyone has a GREAT GREAT weekend!!!!! We are going on the boat with friends and i'm super pumped about that. Just enjoying a great weekend with family and friends.

Save your money, clip those coupons... and God Bless :)

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