Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why don't we just ask?

“So baby why don’t we just ask..” (that would be to the tune of WHY DONT WE JUST DANCE!) ha!

Okay…so just ask why don’t cha!?! I have a Discover card that I thought was getting awesome interest rates…well, i was wrong. That ended after 3 years evidentally. I have always been on time on my payments, don’t use it that often, but when I do I am diligent to pay it off. Well I got online to look up what I owed and figure out a payment plan to pay it off and throw it away. And I happened to look at my interest rate… I am just now getting my breath back and that was 4 hours ago!!!

So… I called. “Hello thank you for calling discovercard can i help you?” Ummmm…YES YOU CAN!! I began to spill, in a nice way, about how much I have been a great customer, pay my bills on time, never behind, never too close to my limit… and how I am livid that my interest rate is so high. Her response “I can undertand your concerns but we have no other interest rates to offer you at this time.” Ya see…this is where she and I began to disagree. So I gave my spill about how great it was to have me as a customer b/c I am not a threat to them and well, basically, she blew me off. So I told her to please cancel my card, that I would somehow figure out how to pay it off within 30 days so it wouldn’t hurt my credit(if you cancel a credit card with a balance that HURTS your credit) and immediately she came up with a lower interest rate? Wow! Its amazing how that happens.

So if you are paying through the nose on a credit card and will never see the bottom…then just ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all they can say is no, and then all you have to do is NOT use them anymore. Simple as that.

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