Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Calling all free loaders

Okay, I get that term may be a little strong. BUT…when living frugally, cheap, or whatever you wanna call it you MUST remember that cheap is good, free is better.

Do you pay for things that you could get for free? Well if you do, that is just dumb. Plain and simple…VERY dumb. Have you ever heard of google? Its pretty flippin’ amazing! ha! You can look up anything! don’t buy a book on “how to raise a cat” just google it. Don’t buy a book on how to organize your house…google it! Or go to the library!

This one kills me… I was really in a bind and finally realized that I had NO choice but to get organized. That is my least favorite thing in the world to do, organize that is. Unlike my sister Erica who like does that for a living… i prefer to just let things magically work themselves out. I went to Walmart for my bi-weekly trip and put some extra money aside to buy a ‘planner’. Well…this planner turned out to be the most ridiculous $7.00 I ever spent. There aren’t enough lines, they dont give you space to put things down for saturdays or sundays, and its basically made for people with perfect, petite hand writing. That does not fit me in any way. I write huge, my plans change, it just didn’t work out. So… what did I do…? I googled! You can print out a daily planner, weekly, monthly, however you want it. Go to eprintablecalendars.com. THis site is pretty amazing!! Talk about getting organized at NO cost to you! Put in a binder you have laying around or a folder that you ALREADY have (everyone has those lying around) and wah-lah! You are organized!

Join the website shopathome.com. I INSTANTLY printed out a coupon for a free chips and queso at Chili’s AND a free desert. I recieved a ton of samples like shampoo’s and tooth paste in the mail. Cost me nothing… a little time I guess. But it was worth it.

Don’t buy cook books…google! Or more fun than that…look up blogs! A lot of people have blogs on easy to make recipes. I know just in my facebook list of friends I have about 6 that constantly update their blog with new and fresh, easy meals to cook!

Make things fun…fun doesn’t have to cost a dime!

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