Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas...for free?

I can't tell you how excited I am! This morning while sitting at my computer at work I popped open facebook. I know, I know. HUGE suprise :) Well, I sure am glad I did! JUST as I logged on some "news feed" was coming through and my friend  posted "hey if anyone wants some toys lemme know. we are cleaning out a room and HAVE tons of good, clean, gently used toys!" I IMMEDIATELY said I WILL TAKE THEM!!!

So I ran by to get them. #1 it was good to see her but also it was like friggin' Christmas morning!!! I'm talking I RACKED up! Or I should say Ava racked up. Anything from barbies, doll clothes, stuffed animals, brand new crayons, a shopping cart, a cleaning set that had like a little broom and vaccum and everything!! OH MAN OH MAN! I am PUMPED!!!! Yes, I will buy my child presents as well. In fact she already has a good little stash that I have been working on all year hidden in my closet for her. But wow! I hit the mother load.

I will wash everything, wipe everything down, and ta-da! I am so pumped!! One thing to remember when being a "Bargain hunter" is that you CAN'T get caught up in getting all these great you buy more. If thats how you are gonna do it then its NOT a deal at all. So... lesson of today is... take free things! Look for bargains like that in the paper. In the classifieds I have seen more than once where people have listed encyclopedia sets to give away. Or "100 books for free..come pick up" . Now don't get me wrong... I do not want to end up on the show "Hoarders" nor do I want you too...but if its free, what does it hurt to look through it? You could sell some on ebay? Trash some, keep some, give a good read to your neighbor. I mean come on--its FUN!

So get excited! Go lookin' for bargains and lemme know what you find!!!!

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