Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Coupons can be the devil. Not always, but very VERY often. Its like this. if you typically by the off brand of furniture polish for $1.25, and Pledge is $3.78, then DUH…buy the off brand. BUT you get a $1.25 cent coupon in the mail, or the Sunday paper for Pledge… so you buy it! Well, you just threw away $1.28 but you THOUGHT you got a bargain.

Now i drive people nuts with my off brands. No Trix in this house but we do have “Trax”. You can laugh all you want…they taste the same. Overloaded with sugar, nasty, stick to the roof of your mouth cereal. i DO see that some things are better in the “real” brand…but lets face it. You are gonna have to dust again in 2 days so what the heck does it matter what kind you use? Dust is gonna collect regardless…so don’t buy the Pledge brand, buy the off brand “Pladge”. .whatever it is. Be smart about off brands versus real brands. BUT dont be fooled by coupons. If its not free, or nearly free, or if the off brand would be more expensive than using the coupon=-then duh. BUT if its not, then don’t be fooled by the coupon scheme.

Coupons can get you EVERY time. You will buy something that you didn’t need, or didn’t want, because you can get it for $1.00 cheaper. Thats dumb. BUT if you can try one for free, or pay less than the off brand then you have my permission to clip coupons. Just sayin’…

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