Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OH Entergy bill...you have returned to me...AGAIN!

I hate getting the electricity bill. I just look at the envelope for like an hour before I open it. And somehow, its ALWAYS a suprise. Either like WOOHOO thats it?!?! Or, oh dear lord are you joking me?!

So…last April I decided to test it. What in the world makes it fluctuate? I couldn’t gripe out those people enough by telling them they are ridiculous!!! Well, it turns out that I am ridiculous. Want to lower your electricity bill? I FINALLY know how.

**Disclaimer…** I, Cara Matthews, tried these things out on my own. So if you disagree, sorry. But don’t correct me. Because for me…it has made all the difference in the WORLD!

1-unplug stuff. Is your computer charged? then unplug it. Is your cell phone charged? unplug it. UNPLUG your hair dryer.

2- turn off your curling iron, straightener or whatever gizmo you use to fix your hair. WASTE of money!

3-DONT TOUCH THE AIR! Leave it alone. If you are hot, open a window. IF you are cold, put on a sweater. DONT TOUCH IT! Everytime you turn the air down or the heat up, you just cost yourself at LEAST $4.00. So if you push buttons for a hobby then I guess $4.00 is no biggy…but if you chose to have fun doing other things, then leave it alone!

4-if you aren’t watching the tv, don’t turn it on. Use your fully charged computer to go to myhotsprings.com and stream US 97 for petes sake. Pull up youtube. And list to music allllll day long, or well, until the battery dies in the computer. TV’s produce heat which could explain why your house is hot. They produce noise which could be the cause of your headache. I understand needing the noise, but sing to yourself. You will survive. I promise!

5- for budget purposes, get on levelized billing. It may seem like a lot for those few months in the fall and spring when you are paying more than you normally would, but trust me…in the end. ITs a budget savvy persons dream come true!

6-Turn the porch lights off if you aren’t outside. Turn the closet light off when you get out of the closet. Turn off the guest room light if you don’t have guests. People don’t need to drive by and start singing Trace Adkins “Every light in the house is on.”… thats just un-necessary.

If you have good tips, i’d LOVE to hear them. But I can tell you that those few things listed above have helped me keep my electricity bill to a minimum! Hope that helps…

Now go find a bargain and turn a light off. It will make you feel better!

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