Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The money pit!

The money pit would simply be this…WALMART! I see grown people in walmart act like a kid in a candy store. Why IS that? It’s like some people go in Walmart and completely lose all forms of self control. I just don’t get it…

I realize that making a list is NOT a sure fire way to not spend extra and honestly, there is no sure fire way–except to DO it. When you make out your grocery list add up what you THINK these things are going to cost. If its stuff you buy all the time than you pretty much know how much it will be, right? Now obviously if you are trying out a brand new recipe that calls for things that you have never purchased then you may need to stash a few extra bucks in just in case…but as a general rule we know that milk is gonna cost $3.50 on average. A bag of chips is $3.00. etc. SO, as you are making your list round UP(to be safe) what you think these things are going to cost. You take that much money with you to the store. If you added up $70.00 and you rounded UP on everything then you should have your taxes covered. BUT to be safe, add in $5.00 bucks. If you get to the counter and are watching it ring up which you SHOULD be doing (computers are NOT always right) and you realize you are getting close and you still have some stuff left, then you don’t get it. Now I have had people say thats the WORST part about shopping at the grocery store with cash. But folks–it works. And honestly, that won’t happen if you plan ahead. The only 1 time that plan DIDNT work out for me… I had a splurge at the end of the shopping trip on a magazine and a coke. Wow, $5.67 for some boring entertainment involving celebrity gossip and sugar loaded coke. What a fool I was. but it happens.

So…when you get to walmart, go with a PURPOSE, a PLAN, and a wad of cash. If you are going to buy deodarant and shampoo…LEAVE with deo and shampoo. It’s not that hard. I try every day to teach Ava self control yet we as adults have none.

Just try it…take cash, have a plan, and a PURPOSE for your visit to that store. IT will save you a bundle.

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