Tuesday, October 26, 2010

THE bargain hunting mommy

Well ladies and gents…its true. I AM THE bargain hunting mommy. Not many people would argue with me, but some peeps just like to argue so they may attempt to. Let it be said that I pride myself on being this bargin hunting mommy. From Christmas presents, to making budget cuts, I am ALWAYS the one that looks for the cheaper, money saving way out. I wish I knew where to start. I’d love to help people save money, but the truth is that some people don’t want to. OR maybe its that they don’t have to. I HAVE to and I WANT to so its hard for me to see it any other way. BUT if you are one of those few people that don’t mind throwing money away then this blog probably isn’t for you to read unless its for you to critcize.
I have lots of tricks to save money. Or even in some cases make you FEEL like you have more money. I create my monthly budget so that it ALWAYS feels like I have some cush room, even if I don’t. I know that makes no sense, but we will get to that.
I need tips on what you guys want me to write about. Call me, text me, comment, whatever. Do you want to save money on your electricity bill? Do you need help saving money to cell service? Are you spending a fortune on clothes? What about Christmas…that ALWAYS gets people in a frenzy. What if I told you that if your family has 13 people in it, I could get everyone a minimum of 2 presents a piece and you would NOT spend over $100? Would THAT make you a believer?!
So… lemme know what you want me to blog about and I will do it. I have lots of tricks up these big sleeves.
Done for now…go find a dime, put it in your pocket, and imagine how good it would feel if that were a $100 dollar bill?

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