Tuesday, October 26, 2010


If you are fighting with your husband over something stupid…then drop it. If you are STILL mad that your family laughs at your Christmas 95′ home video…you should drop it. (not that I know that from experience or anything….) BUT…there ARE times in life that you DONT drop things. And one of those times…is when it comes to finances.

Case and point…like an idiot I opened a Victorias Secret account to order a dress. Got the dress in, got the card in, got the bill in…paid it off. Next month I ordered a swimsuit. Swimsuit comes in…it was RIDICULOUS! It looked like I hand made it. Now i KnOW why it was on sale. I used the return label, sent it back, and was done with it. About 2 weeks later I get a bill showing the purchase of my swimsuit, the credit of my swimsuit, but I still had a balance for 8.00. So… i call. The lady said “Oh yes, thats the shipping charge.” I said… “The swimsuit cost me 12.00. I paid 5 to ship it and now you are saying that I still owe 8 bucks to send it back? I dont think so. Cancel my card, i wanna speak to a supervisor and i will NEVER purchase through Victorias Secret ever again.” And hmm…guess what happened!!!! They refunded the money! duh…b/c i DIDNT DROP IT!

NOW…same stupid card that I regret opening. I didn’t even use it, but I don’t have a lot of revolving accounts in my name. Most of our bills are in Jere’s name except for the electricity bill and water bill and frankly, I dont even think those people report to the credit bureau. SO… i needed something in my name. BUT..after that swimsuit stuff got situated i now had a card with $1,000 limit on it with NOTHING on it. I felt good about it. Well, 2 months later I get a bill for $24.78 for charges to my VS account. um what?! I called, and it was from a “credit monitoring company”. I had no idea what they were talking about. So I call and they told me that I had verbally agreed to accept the charges for $12.95 a month to have my credit monitored. Well, I did NOT say yes to that. I was only buying a $33.00 dress…why the heck would I add$12.95 for monitoring.??? have we MET? Anyway… i called that company and they said that yes in fact I had agreed and they would be happy to send me an audio tape of me agreeing to it. So I of course said “heres my email send it NOW!” Well they didnt send it. imagine that… I called VS back and said “ok i talked to this company and they said I agreed, and I ddin’t so what can we do.” The guy said he would put a hold on my account for 90 days so there were no charges and that would give me time to clear it up. So i kept emailing the credit monitoring company asking where my email was and never heard back. Then, on a pretty day in July I get a collection phone call for $85.00. Evidentally VS had NOT put a hold on my account and I had been being charged every month. I wasn’t recieving a bill though b/c by then we had moved. Drama drama…this went on and on. I filed a dispute through the credit bureau at experian.com and recieved a letter a week later saying there was nothing they could do about it. i called VS almost every day and the credit monitoring company and complained to anyone and everyone that would LISTEN! i FINALLY got someone at VS to give me an address to write out a written dispute. Why they waited 100 days later to give it to me i will NEVER know. But i sent the letter. i explained in detail what happened, what I had done, and that I now had something negative on my perfect credit and was NOT happy about that.

Today, i got a letter in the mail APOLOGIZING for the inconvenience, and they stated that my account was now with a ZERO balance, and that within 45 days my credit would be restored and it would never negatively affect my credit score again.

This was the longest process. It started back in May…DONT DROP IT! That stupid bill had racked up to $118.00, and had me at 120 days past due which was a terrrrrrrible thing to see on a credit report. Ok, thats my rant. DONT DROP IT! If I had paid it, it would have stayed on my credit for 7 years. DONT DROP IT!

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