Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I saved $116.00 dollars by sending a text!

Yes. Its true. TA-DA! I was SOOOOO proud of myself.

Okay I have mentioned that I am saving up for a part on my car, right? Well I am. A wheel bearing to be exact. Don’t know what that does, or where it goes(I would guess somewhere around the wheel but can’t say that I know that for a fact) I just know that I need one b/c mine is shot. Hence the grinding noise you sometimes hear while riding with me. Well, I got a quote of $261. I came back to work and called every car place in the phonebook and f0und out that actually $261 is a fair price. Well, thats great that its FAIR, but I didn’t have it to spend. **(THis happens once you finally have a savings account with money in it…you don’t wanna touch it. its weird, but true). Anyway so here I was saving up for this stupid part on my stupid car and being so mad the whole time b/c I could do a LOT of fun stuff with $261 like for example go ahead and by Christmas for the next 3 years!!!!

Anyway…I began saving and was getting close to being all the way there. I have a friend, Jeremy, who builds houses, fixes roofs, builds things, pretty much like does it all. I thought to myself that as many cars as he’s owned, and the fact that he drag races, he MAY know of a way that I can save money. So I sent him a text and said “I need a wheel bearing. Gonna cost me $261. Know of any one thats cheaper?”

2 seconds later my phone rings… he tells me where to go and buy the part and that he can install it. I’m hesitant b/c after all it IS My car we are talking about. Evidentally wheel bearings are like NOTHING to install. He has done this dozens of times. To be sure…b/c again yes, I want the best BARGAIN, but if its gonna cost me more in the long run or be more of a headache, then I will just quietly go back to saving…so to be sure I googled how to install a wheel bearing. Wow. I may could have even done it!

So… I went to buy the part and it was $56.99 which is already cheaper than $108.99 that the guy was charging me for it at the car fixer place. I went to check out and he said ‘lets see if I can save you some more money…’ so he fiddled around and I bought it tax and all for $47.00. WOWZERS!!! So… I am going to pay Jeremy less to install it then I was the car fixer person so WAH-LAH!!! I just saved myself $116.00. WHICH MEANS… that I can go put that $116.00 I have oversaved into my savings account. Woot Woot!!

Moral of the story… ask around. Get a friend(who KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING) to change your oil, put washer fluid in your car, check the battery, change the battery….there are little things you can do to save money. Things happen, cars break, and money is needed. be SMART about it… go find a bargain!!

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