Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pays to be nice. you get Dooney's for free.

So yes, be very jealous because today I got a Dooney and Bourke for free. Now grantit it was used, but really? Still...this rocks. This has been the best day. Got lots of Christmas stuff for free and now a Dooney! WOWZERS! :)

*Side note** I have thanks God about 30 times today b/c just when I feel like I can't do everything...he provides.

Okay so anyway, I had driven out ot my favorite consignment shop here in Hot Springs. I ALWAYS take mine and Ava's clothes there because I make BANK and its kinda like my little "Savings account". Instead of having a jar that says "CLOTHES" on it, I have a sheet of money waiting on me at this shop. I take gently worn clothes of Ava's and mine out to this place and make BANK everytime! Everytime I go and drop off a bag of clothes they are very friendly, and eager to help me, and everytime I go back and say "how much credit do I have"... I ALWAYS have credit there. So, anytime I need a shirt, or need something for Ava I start there first. I don't have to worry about budgeting money for clothes for Ava because I always have money waiting on me there.

So I went in today to take a bag of Ava's shoes that didn't fit and I had a top or two in there. I walked around and even though I found some of the CUTESTthings ever, Ava isn't in need of anything at the moment. So I walked to my side... I NEED a lot of stuff but they didn't have anything so I just walked and looked around thinking about how GREAT consignment shops are. So, I began to look at the purses. And I found an AWESOME Dooney and Bourke. Probably last years model, maybe even the year before but this purse was awesome!!! I didn't DARE look at the tag... so I did of course :) I saw that it was only $12.00. I took it to the counter and asked why it was so cheap. She said that she knew at a shop like this where thing are second hand you just can't ask for a lot. There was one tiny stain on the back and I asked if that would come out. She didn't I took my chances. I told her i wanted it... then I said well, never mind.. i should save my money. She said "ya know always bring me nice things, you shop here ALL the time...its yours. take it." So i did. And now with resolve drying on it I have an AWESOME Dooney and Bourke just hanging there lookin' at me waiting to carry it somewhere FABULOUS!!!

Moral of the store...small towns rock b/c that would NEVER happen anywhere PAYS to be nice to people. It pays to be consistent... shop at the same places. Get to know the owners and managers. Learn their names. Their stories. Learn about their families. Go in OFTEN!

Today was an awesome day. Ava has all the Christmas she could need and ask for and I  have an awesome purse. i could carry this purse...or sell it. Either way I feel so blessed.!!!!

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