Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pre-paid cards

We've all seen them. Those cards at the check-out line that look like a Mastercard of Visa, but they are pre-paid. I think you know my thoughts on this already but just in case...

I think its AWESOME! Especially if you are trying to teach a youngster about how to manage plastic. Even though it doesn't go on your credit, it's an excellent way to teach the responsibility to young ones. Don't you think?

Green Dot Card is pretty simple to figure out. You load the money on the card, and then you use it! You can reload the card as many times as you want and it can be used anywhere that credit cards are taken.

So think of this way... if you are a family that is TRYING (like we are) to get away from plastic and just simply live on cash--well, this is the same thing! Only it comes with the convenience of a card. Green Dot Card is a genious idea!! You can find them at local retailers in your area. Whether you are going on vaca, looking to teach the principal of finances to your children (or spouse for that matter--hehe) these cards have made that much simpler.

Everyone should budget. I believe everyone should live on cash. These pre-paid cards just make that cash part MUCH easier because you can even purchase online. Pretty cool, huh?

What do you think about these cards? Do you use them? Is it worth a shot? Let me know your thoughts!

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