Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No credit cards?

You've seen them EVERY where you go. Those Visa or Mastercard cards that you can just fill up with money and use like a credit card! How cool is that?

Are these a do, or not to do?

I say.... DO!

Green Dot Card was created several years ago under a different company name. It's a super cool way to have a "Credit card" with you that requires no credit. Keep in mind that even though ANYONE can get one, they do NOT help your credit. But let's think about it like this... if you are going on vacation and you are scared to take your credit card, and aren't a fan of lots of cash, then you can purchase one of these cards at a lot of retailers (CVS, K-Mart, Walgreens) and put your money on there and not have to worry about your credit getting messed up or stolen or walking around with wads of cash.

This is a GENIOUS idea! Green Dot Card makes it easy for people to have the ease of swiping a card without worrying about credit. You can control how much is on there! This would be a great way to let a teenager get used to the idea of carrying a card and watching their spending without them having to mess up their credit at such a young age.

To me this is awesome. This is a cool invention that has provided ease and peace of mind without the hassle of having to have "Credit."

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