Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday savings at Kroger and Wal-Mart

I wish I had my camera with me but I don't so you will have to take my word for it :)

I decided this morning it was time to get "My book" back in order. I ran across several coupons that were getting ready to expire and I had some extra time this morning so I sat out on a mission. I wanted to get as much as I could for less than $10.

First stop: WALMART

2-Nexcare 30 pk bandaids $1.00 each
1-Nexcare Scooby bandaids $1.86
2-Aquafresh Extreme clean trial size toothpaste $.97 each
1-Chapstick brand chapstick $.97
1-UP2U gum $1.29
2-Frosted Mini Wheats touch of fruit $3.50 each

I paid out of pocket: $6.49

I used:
 3-$1.00 off Nexcare product coupons (printed from their website about a month ago)
1-B1G1 free Touch of Fruit coupons
1-.97 off ANY size Aquafresh coupon (printed from their website)
1-.50 off a trial size Aquafresh coupon
1-1.00 off UP2U by mentos gum pack



I bought:

2-French's mustard (big size, not the small size. these are huge)-$1.49 each
1-Ronzoni pasta box -$1.00

The mustard was SUCH A steal. I went into the store to buy the bottles that are 12 oz I believe because they were on sale for $1.39. then they had a HUGE selection of markdowns on the BIG bottle. $1.49 for the big or $1.39 for the small...hmmm.... :) So I bought 2.

Coupons used:

2-.30 off any French's mustard product (they doubled, of course)
1-1.00 off any Ronzoni product

Total spent: $1.69

Overall I feel good about my purchases. We were out of bandaids and 3 boxes will last forever. And of course the Scooby ones were more expensive but it was worth .89 cents to see my daughter THRILLED! The mustard will last so long... but at that cheap of a price how could I NOT buy it? The pasta... well, that's just stinkin' awesome because we love our carbs at our house!!!

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