Tuesday, July 19, 2011

$90.68 so far...

I'm PROUD to say that as of today, July 19th, we have spent $90.68 at the grocery store! WAHOO!!! That's awesome!

Okay-let me explain that the BIGGEST grocery run I made was $60 bucks. I bought a TON of meat and lots of frozen veggies that were on sale. And we STILL have meat left which is GREAT because I need to make one more week out of it. :)

It's about planning... I caught chicken on sale and came home and got it separated and frozen, and I planned meals using chicken. I think there's a million ways to use chicken so it doesn't bother me if we eat it every day!

We haven't had anything exotic or exciting to eat, per se, but I have tried lots of new things with chicken and noodles, and rice, etc... it's been fun.

Tonight I HAVE to go to the store (milk, orange juice, eggs, bread). I'm hoping that Jere won't distract me into finding OTHER stuff that are "must haves" in his book. :)

How have you done this month?

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