Friday, July 15, 2011

Do I sense a case of the "I can't's?"

Later on this week in my other blog (, I plan to make a post about my top favorite blogs I read!!! I hope that you hop over and take a look at that blog from time to time :)

ONE of my favorite blogs is "SIMPLE MOM". Check it out HERE. Today's post was about perfectionism and how a lot of tend to think if I can't do it all, or do it perfect, or within a timely manner--then what's the point?

Which brings me to the point of the "I CAN'Ts"!! I get these a lot. If my goal is to set aside $400 dollars one month into savings and I realize that i'll barely be able to set aside $150... I tend to just forget it. I get the "I CAN'Ts" and spend the money elsewhere. If I can't pay CASH for something that i've been saving for and realize it may take me longer to save than I expected, I tend to think " I CANT!"

DO YOU DO THIS? Or maybe its all just me... I doubt it though. There are plenty of "us" out there that feel that way.

In SIMPLE MOM's post today she even talks about how if we don't have time to clean the WHOLE kitchen, do we just leave the dishes there over night?? YEP=-thats me! If I have a cleaning plan in mind and it doesn't happen for whatever reason, then I tend to just saw forget it and go about my evening being lazy instead of doing what I CAN do.

Her post struck home with me... I DEFINITLY act that way, and it's so childish of me. :) I've got to do better. I can't save as much as i'd like to this month, but I have to save what I can. It's all about ATTITUDE. It's all in how you look at it. Sometimes looking at the big picture is scary! looking at how much you spend every month freaks you out. Looking at how much you NEED to save makes your stomach turn... while looking at the BIG picture is important at times, I think it's most important to look simply at this week, this day, this month... what can you do THIS time?

Hope that offered up a little encouragement.

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