Monday, July 18, 2011

My summer of cheap and free fun!

I was thinking today about what a terrific summer this has been! I have read some great books, seen some great movies, gained a little culture in my life, enjoyed time with my friends and family... and have spent VERY little.

I go to the library weekly. If not to get books and movies for my daughter, i'm getting some for ME! :) I know I harp on the library a lot and probably gets annoying... but I have thoroughly enjoyed some good summer reads and just picked up one more :) I have saved money on rentals for my daughter by allowing to check out movies at the library AND I did Netflix. (That's another story... i'm mad about their price increase)

I have done some "museum-ing" which has been fun (and of course I have found coupons). I've been able to visit our local museum (family pass) and even the The William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. My husband and I went to the arkansas sports hall of fame museum (bought that on Groupon-super cheap).

We paid the $2.00 extra to add dvd rentals to Netflix and have spent the summer catching up on some great ones!

We have used the MESS out of our pool! It's free, and it's there... TADA! When I get down on us renting I think about the joys of having the pool and it makes me feel better! (of course some of my bf's just bought a house that happened to have a pool right next to it--lucky! i'm praying that will happen to us too!)

With the exception of using money available to me at the consigment shop (I had earned it through selling items) and birthday money I haven't really spent a dime on clothing. I've learned to trim my own bangs (and no, they don't look TERRIBLE, just not great) and have avoided that expense.

I guess my point is that we haven't missed out on ANYTHING and we have spent so VERY little this summer. It's been good. I'm proud of us. YAY Matthews family! :)

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