Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have you thought anymore about...

A shopping ban?

I had a blogger friend of mine write a post a few months back about WHY to go on a shopping ban. Check that out HERE.

I've been thinking a LOT about this lately. I've looked at the calendar and tried to figure out WHEN I could do this... and since it's my ban I've been trying to decide what MY rules will be.

I have made a LIST of things that I know I will have to save for and purchase here in the next few months.

1- contacts. My plan is to buy 1 box a month for the next 8 months. That would be more than enough to last me over a year. I wear my glasses enough to allow my contacts to last longer. It gives me a different look and allows me to save a bit of money. It's easier to buy one box a month (just set aside that $30 bucks) then to do it all at once.

2-Ava's fall wardrobe. Rhea Lana consignment event is coming up in August so i've already begun saving for that! That is when I tend to get the majority of her clothes!!

3-Christmas. I still am about 6 gifts away from being done. I haven't added my total yet. I'm thinking I will need about $125 more dollars to complete my list. I'm putting money aside faithfully for that.

4-new tires. Unfortunately, I WILL need new tires before too long. If I can keep getting them rotated and replacing them with nicer, used tires ($20 bucks a piece-what a steal) I can make these last about 8 more months which means I HAVE to be super faithful to put that money aside. Otherwise there goes a big chunk of my savings and I do NOT want that!

Other than those items, oh AND I got some gift certificates for my birthday plus money so the items I buy with those doesn't count, :), I am trying my dangdest to not buy anything additional for 60 days. I already have Ava's birthday presents so I won't have to worry about saving for that or blowing my budget, and we are having a yard sale in September so any money I make there will just be extra.

Alright- i'm gonna do it. Other than necessities: food, items we HAVE to have, medicine, doctor visits, car insurance, etc... I will NOT purchase anything else. Oh and of course the above listed items. :)

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