Friday, March 23, 2012

Today is about saving money!

Today is saving money day!!!!

FIRST, I saved more money on my car insurance. i got to looking at EVERY detail on the bill and realized there were some discounts missing. SO, I made THAT phone call, faxed THAT info, and saved $700 a year for taking MY time to do THAT !WAHOO!!

THEN I headed over to Really? I had NEVER EVER checked my "usage" on their website. WOW, was I getting ripped off. Since most of the people I know have verizon, and same goes for my husband, we were only using 390 of our 1400 minutes EVERY month for the past year!! HOLY COWZERS!!! What was I thinking... i am literally sick at my stomach at the thought of the money I have thrown out the window and at Verizon's doorstep. Ugh... makes me so mad at ME! SO, I got on the phone immediately and changed my plan. I saved $45 bucks a month. That is $540.00 per YEAR! WHOA BABY!

Now I am blogging AND waiting for the dish network guy to chat back with me. I am going to make some changes there too... if i don't WATCH the channel, i'm doing my best to get rid of it!

Let's save some money guys--don't let people TAKE your money without your consent and if you are NOT checking bills, that is EXACTLY What you are doing!

Say no to debt. say no to over charges. Say no to watching your money run away from you!! CATCH IT WHILE YOU CAN!

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