Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well...there is that ONE card...

Last week I blogged VERY happily (is that a word?) about how I had just paid off my debt. i am STILL so excited. It's SUCH A good feeling and i'm proud of myself.

but there is that ONE card.... Let me explain.

I paid everything off, yes indeed. BUT, I am not cancelling the cards. That looks bad on credit and I am trying to keep my good credit rolling in. I have no intention of using them...but there is that ONE card.

I travel 3 days a week for work. I get paid mileage which is nice, but in the meantime, I am the one that initially pays for gas, oil changes, etc. SO, i keep that ONE card to put all of that on. It's a way for me to keep track of how much gas I using in a month (that's work related), how many oil changes, any car expenses, etc. I decided to do it that way because in previous months I have used my debit card and at the end of the month i wasn't quite sure which was work stuff and which was me just needing gas so I could run around town and shop. :)

Even though I was SO happy about my debt being paid off and now I am using the card again, it DOES get paid the end of every month. But without doing it that way, it becomes so hard to decipher between work expenses and personal expenses.

As long as I am paying it off I see no harm. PLUS, that's another big fat 1 on my credit report every month. Credit doesn't HAVE to be a bad thing. It's only bad when you cannot pay it off, you use credit for daily living expenses, and you have no intentions of getting out of debt. that is when it's bad.

I felt like I had to come clean. :) But ALSO I wanted to use this as a suggestion for others who may be in a similar boat.

**Dave Ramsey would probably NOT be proud of me. He would say just to use my debit card or open up a separate account. i can see the benefit in that as well, but to open up an account means lots of transferring of money, and yet another account to keep up with. If i'm doing it smart, i think my way is JUST fine.** :)

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