Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's say you have done it all...

Let's say that you have done ALL of the right financial steps and you are good to go.

Your debt is paid off. Your house is well on its way. The cars are owned by you FULLY. Your savings account has a nice amount in it. Your IRA is growing with each monthly deposit that you make.

What happens next?? What would be the point of continuing with these steps? I mean... afterall you have DONE THE RIGHT THINGS!

Here's a few reasons to continue with the "Right" steps:

1. RETIREMENT--don't you want to retire? Don't you want to have more than social security to depend on?? (If you are in my generation then we don't need to bank on that anyway). You MUST continue with these financial steps so that you can retire debt free with lots of money.

2. YOUR KIDS. Your kids #1, will need money from you for the REST of their lives, and #2, your kids need to see that you made this a lifestyle, not just a few years to play catch up and then quit a program that obviously worked for you. Kids depend on US to teach them about money, finances, and how to handle them. Keep doing it for your KIDS sake!

3. The What-if's of life. WHAT IF you need a roof on your house one day? What if you REALLY need a vacation? What if you need money to cover an insurance deductible? The what if's of life should be enough to keep EVERYONE in financial tip-top shape.

4. For FREEDOM. If you don't keep on this right path then you are very likely to get back in debt. It will start small--and then before you know it your hard work has nothing to show for it. The freedom of having savings, living on less, no debt, and an IRA give comfort AND freedom to people. Don't give that up for the sake of a few fun purchases.

Keep on the road!! Keep your head up! KEEP thinking about the future!

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