Monday, April 2, 2012

Even when you plan, PLan, PLAN...

Your budget can STILL get blown. :(

I try so hard to NEVER get in this predicament, but sometimes-it just happens. Things come up, semi-annual bills get due ALL at the same time, and sometimes, well, crap just happens.

It's frustrating. I am writing this post MAINLY for me because right now I am feeling so discouraged. i try so hard, do SO good to save every single dime I can get my hands on, yet occasionally it happens... that thought that you scream out "WHERE DID THE MONEY GO!!!"

Very frustrating. This would be such an easy time when I would love to pull out my plastic, and say forget it. When I get down about money, I want to shop. I'd love nothing more right now then some new shoes. And it's funny, because I don't need any but it's the thought that right now I simply CANNOT buy any.


hang in there. You AND me. Don't give up.

Now is the time to be strong, and brave, and to eat ramen noodles.

The end.

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