Monday, April 16, 2012

You know how and me and bargains go...

I am ALL about some bargains! saving money is my FAVORITE game ever :) Just this morning I told a friend that I liked his shoes. He said "thanks. They were 80 marked down to 20!" And I said "NOW you are speaking my language.!" It's no secret that I love bargains and good deals... within reason. I gave up trying to be an extreme couponer. It was too hard. I still coupon, for SURE, but I do it more sensibly. I have decided that there are very few items that I need 30 of. :)

I'm also a big planner. I plan for upcoming holidays and birthdays ALL year round. I try to have my budget set and stick to it! One thing that kinda makes me sad, but it's nice at the same time, is the fact that gift cards have become such a common gift. It is nice though... you can buy what you want and not be stuck with something that you don't like. So it does make it nice, it's just not as much fun to shop for. :) and even though I am all about saving money, I STILL love my shopping time! It's my cardio. :)

Shopping online is another super amazing convenience that more and more people are taking advantage of. That's why I want to tell YOU about an awesome deal where you can get Target gift cards . Not only do you get a gift card, BUT you can also use it to shop online which makes people DOUBLY happy!

Check out and see about getting YOUR target gift card today! You order online, it's delivered online with any kind of message you want to include and then whoever you send it too can use it however they see fit!

Pretty coo, huh? check it out!! It's a BARGAIN for sure!

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